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Recent mentions in American and international media:


In Authoritarian Regimes, Social Media Doesn't Only Help Social Activists, ABC News Oct 2009

Techie Twitterers to know, CNN, Oct 2009

The Great Patriotic Diavlog, BloggingHeads.tv, Oct 2009

What does Twitter mean for foreign policy?, Federal Computer Week, Oct 2009

Are You A Tweeter Or A Slacker?, NPR, Oct 2009

U.S. Wants Microsoft to End Message Ban in Iran, Cuba, Bloomberg News, Oct 2009

Hugo Chavez Takes Up Fight On Facebook, NPR, Sept 2009

Do you love malware and hate Obama? Click here, San Francisco Chronicle, Aug 19 

Social media and the internet do not spread democracy (including a video interview), The Daily Telegraph, Aug 18 

Tweeting While Tehran Burns, The Weekly Standard, Aug 17 

Bloggingheads: Facebook vs. Dictators (video), The New York Times (nytimes.com)/Blogginheads.tv, July 13 

Belarus school uniform company latest to react to cellphone radiation fears, Los Angeles Times, Aug 14 

'Cyxymu' Blogger Says Russia To Blame For Attack That Brought Down Twitter, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Aug 14 

Cyber attack makes anti-Russia blogger a star, Los Angeles Times, Aug 11 (the article also ran in Chicago Tribune) 

Twitter Won't Save The World, NPR (npr.org), Aug 10 

Digital Refugees, The Atlantic (online; Andrew Sullivan's blog), Aug 9 

Twitter, Facebook Strike Leads Back To Russia, Georgia, NPR (Weekend Edition Sunday), one of the guests 

Foreign Policy's Twitterati 100, Foreign Policy, Aug 7 

The Target Behind Yesterday's Denial Of Service Attack, NPR (npr.org), Aug 7 

Cyxymu: Russian Government Responsible for Twitter, Facebook, and LiveJournal Attacks, ReadWriteWeb (Aug 7, 2009) 

TEDGlobal: Connected consequences, CNET, July 25 

Weekly Podcast: Flu Fear Epidemic (guest), Newsweek Podcast, 04 May  

Liberation Technology: Social Media and Political Movements, KCRW (“Politics of Culture” show; one of the guests) RADIO 

Assesing The Threat Of Cyberattacks On The U.S, NPR's Talk of the Nation (one of the guests), July 6, 2009 

Why Iran's Twitter revolution is unique, Christian Science Monitor, June 19 

Activists Launch Hack Attacks on Tehran Regime, Wired News, June 15 (also quoted in BoingBoing) 

Wikipedia blocks access from Church of Scientology in L.A, Los Angeles Times,  June 5 

Swine Flu Frenzy Demonstrates Twitter's Achilles Heel, PC World, April 27 

Twitter And Protests In Tehran, NPR (npr.org), June 17 

Doubting Twitter, Slate, June 17 

Kremlin Launches ‘School of Bloggers’, Wired News, May 27 

Twitter Cites ’Bodies Piled Like Wood’ in 1918 Flu, Bloomberg News, May 5 

Is Social Networking Spreading Misinformation?, CBS (TV; various affiliates), Apr 28 

Twitter's Power To Misinform, NPR (npr.org), Apr 28 

Schwarzenegger tweets about swine flu. So does everyone else, The Christian Science Monitor, Apr 29 

Citizen journalists exercise their right to Twitter the news, The Houston Chronicle, Apr 27 

Iran's Cyberwarriors Stay Ahead Of Government Censors, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, June 17 

International Perspectives on the Headlines, WAMU 88.5 FM (guest on Kojo Nmadi show), June 23 

One swine flu over the cuckoo's nest, InfoWorld, April 27 

Tracking Swine Flu on Google, Twitter, Wall Street Journal (wsj.com), April 28 

Swine flu creates controversy on Twitter, CNN (cnn.com), April 30  

The Swine Flu Panic That Wasn't, Reason, May 18 

Twitter Is Not Responsible for Iranian Revolution, AdAge, June 18 

No, You Cannot Catch the Swine Flu From Twitter, PC World, April 28 

Swine flu news infects social media, Federal Computer Week, May 1  

Cyber-warfare: WMD redux?, The Boston Globe, July 14 

Inspiring non-scientists, Nature, July 29 

Furor over Amazon ranking system, The Christian Science Monitor, April 13 

Inside Moldova’s Twitter Revolution, Wired (wired.com), Apr 8 

Updates on the Swine Flu Outbreak, The New York Times (nytimes.com), April 27th

Twitter won't bring down Ahmadinejad, Salon, June 18 

Following Swine Flu Online, Technology Review, April 28 

Moldova's twitter demonstrations, PRI's The World (RADIO), April 8  

#pman, The New York Times (nytimes.com), April 17th  

Idea of the Day, The New York Times (nytimes.com), July 2nd 

Wikipedia Gatekeeping and Free Speech, KPCC (RADIO), June 5 

Protests in Moldova Explode, With Help of Twitter, The New York Times, April 7 

Twitter goes viral in virus fear, Reuters TV (syndicated video interview), May 14 

American Morning, CNN (TV), April 28 (interviewed)  

Guest on Daily Debrief, Federal News Radio (radio), July 7 

Longtime Battle Lines Are Recast In Russia and Georgia's Cyberwar,The Washington Post, Aug 2008


Déspotas virtuales, El Pais, Nov 2009

Smile, You're On Spy Tv, Calgary Herald, Nov 2009

Dangerous or realistic?, The Australian, Oct 2009

Politics UK, BBC, Sept 2009

НАПРЯЖЕНИЕ В СЕТИ, August 2009, Russian Newsweek

A revolução não será twittada, Estado de S.Paulo, Sept 2009

The Debate: Digital Activism, TVO's Agenda with Steve Paikin, Oct 2009

Planet Zukunft, Die Zeit, Sept

Cyxymu e Twitter, Il Sole 24 Ore, Aug 8 

L'attacco a Twitter? «Una mossa nella cyberguerra russo-georgiana», Corriere della Sera, Aug 7 

It’s been a Bad Day for Social Media, The Jakarta Post (Indonesia), May 18 

La febbre messicana si diffonde su Internet, Rai News (Italy), May 2 

Centre for Disease Control uses Twitter to update on swine flu, The Daily Telegraph, Apr 28 

Guest on John Moore Show on NewsTalk, 1010 CFRB Toronto (Canada, radio), June 17 

Kontroll och öppenhet i jämn kamp på nätet, SvD (Sweden), April 23 

Twitter i Iran tveeggat vapen , SvD (Sweden), June 24 

Cybercrooks exploit swine flu hysteria, The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), Apr 30 (also ran in The Canberra Times) 

Schweinegrippe infiziert Twitter, Der Standard (Austria), April 27 

Papiergeld ist Konfetti, Die Welt (Germany), April 14 

La Toile prise de fièvre sur la grippe porcine, Le Matin (Switzerland)+AFP syndication , April 28 

S’informer sur la grippe porcine (2) – Compléments et réserves, Le Monde (France), Apr 27 

Stopping swine flu: the need for deep viral mining, Prospect Magazine, April  

Full Interview: Evgeny Morozov on online activism, CBC (“Spark” show), May 4 

Guest on “All In A Day", CBC Radio (Canada, radio), June 16

A slacktivist and his crackberry are seldom parted, The Globe and Mail (Canada), May 16

I Media Che Non Parlano, Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy), July 9 

Die Freiheit kommt Bit für Bit, Die Zeit (Germany), July 9

 Guest on Newstalk, Irish National Radio (radio), Aug 23 

Guest on Take 5, CIUT 89.5FM (Canada, radio), July 15 

Podcast #29: The Twitter Revolution in Moldova, CBC (“Search Engine” podcast), April 20  

Guest on The World Tonight – April 09, BBC Radio 4, April 4 

Guest on SkyNews.com with Martin Stanford, SkyNews (TV), June 18 

Guest on SkyNews.com with Martin Stanford  , SkyNews (TV), Aug 7 

Guest on Newshour, Al Jazeera English (TV), July 26 

H1N1 goes viral, Al Jazeera English (TV), May 8 (interviewed) 

Swine flu panic spreads online, France 24 (TV), April 28  

Gripe suína é o tópico mais comentado no Twitter; especialistas pedem cautela, Gazeta da Serra (Brazil), April 28 

Measuring the Effectiveness of Online Activism, The Hindu (India), June 21  

Kritik an Hack-Attacken gegen Irans Regime, Der Spiegel (Germany), June 16 

Preparados para la ciberguerra, Soitu (Spain), June 1 

Bildet er manipulert, Aftenposten (Norway), June 18 

Governo prepara repressão sem dó, Veja (Brazil), June 20 

Panico e notizie inattendibili sulla febbre suina? E' bufera su Twitter, La Stampa (Italy), April 28  

"Результаты выборов в Иране спровоцировали "сетевую войну", BBC Russian Service, June 19 

“Роль интернет-технологий в организации протестов в Иране “, Radio Liberty (Russian service), June 18  

“Internet freedom and Digital Revolution? Grow up”, BBC (bbc.co.uk), Aug 17 

Guest on The World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge, CHQR Radio (Canada), June 1 

Magazine Roundup, Sign and Sight, April 14 

Facebook addio: un'ondata di esclusi e fuggiaschi online, Panorama (Italy), Aug 6

 Comment le web a fait évoluer la censure chinoise, L'Express (France), July 8 

The Forum– July 26”, BBC World Service (“The Forum” show, one of the guests), July 26 

Iran's week of turmoil as the world watches, The National (UAE), June 19 

Iran's latest revolution is all a-twitter, Calgary Herald, June 18 

Comienza la era del refugiado digital, El Pais (Aug 28th)  

Quand l'élite mondiale imagine l'avenir, Le Figaro (Aug 24) 

Google: We defended Cyxymu attack to protect free speech, The Guardian (Aug 17)  

Twitter attack on European blogger raises questions about web security, Ottawa Citizen, Aug 11 

Twitter attacked and the rise of the GPU (interviewed by The Guardian's Technology podcast), Aug 11